Saturday, February 7, 2009

Confederate Widows

I am starting a new project for a class I'm taking on Southern History. I will be looking at the lives of women who lost their husbands during the Civil War. I will be focusing on Dallas County, Arkansas where my ancestors lived. I know that one of my ancestors lost her husband during that time period but I haven't had time yet to find if it was from injuries from the Civil War. I think it will be interesting to see how they managed in life.

The South in general fared rather poorly after their loss in the Civil War. Many men lost their lives and many families were left destitute. Women have always had difficulty maintaining their status in society. The South was especially so because it was a very male dominated society. I think I will find that women had a very rough time of it and there are probably many women there still today who have trouble. I'm not saying that women have trouble today because of the Civil War but because of the nature of the male dominated society.

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