Friday, October 29, 2010

The Adventures of Preparing for Accreditation

Today I met with my good friend Kelly Summers to go over my four generation project that I plan to use to begin the accreditation process. She gave me some very helpful tips on how to prepare my family group sheets and pedigree charts and present them in the best light for grading purposes. I feel like my four generation project is almost ready to go. It needs just a few modifications and a little bit more research.

The part of the application process I'm not excited about completing is the Experience Chart. It's hard to think back over the years I've been doing genealogy and calculate how much time I have spent in different record types. It sounds like a tedious job but I guess I'm going to do it!

One of the other things I need to do is spend more time researching in the records of Kentucky, West Virginia, and South Carolina. I guess I may be working on another family line of mine that goes back to South Carolina to get more experience there. I left that line a while back because I just got too busy - life happened! Now it's time to return. Anyone have Kentucky or West Virginia ancestors they can share?

If you want to learn more about the accreditation process, I recommend you visit the ICAPGen website. Wish me luck!


  1. if you want to look at some elusive african american ancestor, with a few white people thrown in, of mine it would be wonderful! if you are interested i will send you what i have.

  2. Debbie, Where should I send the Kentucky information? My email is on my profile page.